Wojciech Sochacki


Wojciech Sochacki

Wojciech Sochacki is an extremely versatile and assertive man. Entrepreneur, IT specialist. One could say that the man is an orchestra. Former great football player. Mainly because of his youthful, rebellious character, he did not have a professional football career. A professional, individual football trainer who designs his own, modern training units. Football activist, helped in the development of A-class, district, 3-league and 1-league clubs. He knows the football environment inside and out. Despite his young age, he has extensive experience in every field of football. Specific, reliable, professional.

The owner of a dynamically developing IT company, Sochacki Design, which designs modern, professional websites. He designed the entire website of the agency. Creator of the Sochacki Esports esports team.

Owner and originator of many other innovative projects.

Sample training sessions with Mr. Sochacki