Remote collaboration

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Remote collaboration

Remote cooperation is currently the default form of establishing cooperation between the agency and the player. In order to officially establish remote cooperation, a competitor must meet 3 criteria: Please fill in the APPLICATION FORM in detail and attach your photo The underage competitor is obliged to provide all information to the parents so that they consent to possible cooperation.

The legal guardian is also obliged to contact our agency by phone Sending relevant video materials showing the competitor’s level In the absence of recorded matches, we present the following. The player is obliged to record video material showing his football level. The material may contain the football skills of a given player from unofficial matches, e.g. from the training pitch.

We recommend recording a video of the individual training carried out with a partner. All you need to do is set your camera, camera, smartphone on the grass or ask your partner to record a video. Individual training should include the following aspects of soccer craftsmanship (if possible):

  • short pass and long pass
  • shot close
  • long shot (simple instep, inner foot, volley shot)
  • finishing the action
  • slalom between cones
  • exercises on the ladder
  • a few motor exercises
  • dribble
  • extensive juggling, bouncing the ball with the head, leg, knee, cage, heel,
  • leading the ball with the right and left leg, e.g. between cones
  • receiving the ball and playing it
  • any exercises suggested by the rider himself

The materials should be posted on YouTube, and then the links should be pasted into the appropriate field in the application form. Alternatively, the links should be sent separately to the e-mail address:

The final decision will be made by the agency after a detailed review of all information and materials received about a given player.